Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Fathers Day

Since my Dad died 3 years ago I miss talking with him, especially around Fathers Day. He had Ahlzheimers for 9 years before he died but I still pick up my cell phone to dial the phone number to a house that no longer exists anymore - wasn't even his phone number for 9 years anyway... strange. Strange.
I was a Daddy's girl. Plain and simple. He took care of me, drove my girlscout troop to camp in the summer, taught me to bat, fish, and he loved the Lord. He hardly ever raised a hand to me, was a fantastic preacher, a proud Veteran and Marine, loved being an electrician too, and simply liked helping others. He liked being productive. He was not a "needy" person but relished being called upon and being able to help someone in need. To know he was providing something of value and was adding something to a persons daily life really mattered to him.
He was funny and was just ne of those people you're positive made God laugh as much as anyone else too!
I miss my Daddy... not just now but all the time. Every day.