Friday, April 2, 2010

Easter - You're The Story Too!

(by Marisa Lykins first printed Easter 2008 in Christian Family Magazine)

Envying Mary Magdalene This Easter?

We all have Ladies. Admit it, we wish we knew what she saw, felt, experienced. She was in the very presence of Christ! You’ve imagined what it was like, right?
Come on, at least once you’ve tried to…
Imagine how blessed she was to be a woman in His presence.
Imagine seeing miracles performed by a Savior you know can change more than the sight of that man, the legs of that child – He can change the world.
Imagine personally seeing YOUR life made whole out of complete brokenness by the one you call Savior.
Imagine being someone He enjoys being around, talking with, and sharing life with.
Imagine righteous anger at someone questioning His Deity as he stands with those who try to twist His words.
Imagine the pain of realizing He is being mocked, hurt, and dishonored.
Imagine the horror of what they did to Him, at His death, and the ultimate sacrifice He makes even for those who don’t believe yet.
Imagine being so excited and anxious as you contemplate His triumphant return that He told you about!
Imagine being aware that He is Risen!!
Imagine realizing all things are made new – He said it’s why He came!!!
Imagine realizing that this means you, yes even you, will be with Him for Eternity!!!!

Wait a minute… it’s not over 2,000 years ago. You’re you. This is today. You know every bit of what you just read to be as true at this very moment as it was that day she found the tomb empty and then beheld her Lord.
You know the tomb is empty, you behold him in your heart, your spirit. You see miracles every day though the lives around you he changes, in your own brokenness that He healed and make whole. You know righteous anger when others don’t see Him as the Son of God, when they don’t recognize or believe His Sacrifice. You too can know Him intimately if you want. He loves spending time with you. He loves talking with you. He has told you of His triumphant return and given you His Promises, are you not excited and anxious for them?
Then get out there “Mary”, you too can share with the world that you know the Risen Savior Jesus Christ, you know the Truth of what He did… you don’t have to imagine you’re part of the greatest story ever told!

Marisa Lykins
April 2008