Friday, August 22, 2008

Central High

Wow. No words really at first. What can we say? How do we process it? A shooting at Central High in Fountain City. FOUNTAIN CITY! Good night.
I guess once I realized we were all asking the same questions I began to try and process it myself.
I know my God is on the throne. I know my God has a greater plan. I know all the church answers. Cam I still question then?
Yes. My God is that big. He knows I will question. He's ok with that. He created me with a free will and a mind of my own. It's what makes life interesting. It's what makes me interesting to Him I think.
I have decided that a 15 year old kid is no different than I am.
They question life too of course.
And they hurt of course.
And that means Satan whispers lies to them just the same.
Lies about who they are - what they are - what they can and can't be - what they can and can't do - lies about whether they are good enough - loved enough - all the same things we wrestle with as adults we wrestled with when we were 15 years old too right?
What makes us think its any different for a 15 year old now, when the world around us is so confusing, challenging, hard?
Some have to fight extremely hard every day to drown out the voice of the father of lies. Some days that voice loses. Some days the lie wins.
The voice of truth needs to be spoken into lives by each of us. When the voices that lie get loud our voices should carry His truth and break through the noise.
We need to be speaking truth into others lives around us every day.
Encouraging, building up, loving, understanding the best way we know how.
Speaking His name - His truth - sharing His love.
I pray we do that.
I pray I do that.
Please God - help me do that.

Sunday, August 17, 2008