Saturday, July 26, 2008

Busy Saturday...

Today I woke up to rain. That really makes we want to stay in bed, you? The distant thunder, rain on the roof and pattering against the window, Mr Pickles my mini-daschund curled up against the back of my knees... hmm-m-m-m-m-m... but wait, coffee would be great too... ok coffee, yeah.
So I got up being very quite so I wouldn't wake Todd my hubby, let Pickles out for his morning "you know", and while the coffee was brewing and the house was still so quite I stood at the window and thought about all I had to do today, West Knoxville, Sevierville, stops to make, things to do, alot to do...
But wait, look, the rain, it's still falling. Wow, it's really so soothing. So beautiful. Look at the drops sliding down the window. It flows so steadily... like His love. I thought about Him - my lovong Father - all of the sudden... about how steadily He loves us. Yes, times get tough and things so wrong, money isn't stretching as far right now, my heart gets heavy sometimes, even breaks. Things happen to those around me I wish I could make better. People that are so good have things happen that seem so confusing. But see, then the rain keeps falling this morning, the quiet sinks in, and my heart quickens as I hear my God whisper "See, I'm renewing the day. Life. I'm providing water that will flow and bring more life, and more beauty, for you to enjoy. I am also weeping, weeping over those in my world that are hurting. I am sustaining life with my tears, I am listening in this quite morning for your voice too my child - waiting for you to tell me the things you desire, the things you are afraid of, the things that you need Me to hold and carry for you today, to hear about the things you realized I did just for you yesterday - that sunset, those flowers, that friend who blessed you that I placed in your life for such a time as this. I want to hear you say how glad you are for your family, for your very life... and I love you, more than anything"...
Good morning God. Thank you for your new mercies and grace. I do love my family. I do see you moving around me becuase I'm watching for you. Show me your hand. Thank you for all I have, for being a God who wants to spend time with me, and for loving me today. And God, thank you for talking with me this morning. I love you too.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

My Anniversary!

Last Thursday was my 15th Wedding Anniversary and my sweet husband went all out!
I guess it seems Todd still has some surprises left in him :o)
First he hand delivered a vase of my favorite flowers - Daisey's - around lunch time.
That would have been plenty!
Little did I know that he had been planning this for quite some time and had also devised a scheme so I would not suspect a thing.
Now, this is highly unusual since he is normally the kind of person who gives you your birthday present a week early because he can't stand the excitement... I once got a Christmas gift right after Thanksgiving :o)
Anyway - I thought I was going to a business meeting/lunch with Lisa because she emailed me a week before about it.
Little did I know that was a cleverly planned ruse so he could surprise me when I "walked him to his car" with a long white stretch limousine... OMG!!!
I honestly thought it was for someone at the business across the street and was still trying to get to the station van so Lisa and I could make our "luncheon"... it was truly hilarious!
He finally broke through and convinced me the limo was for me. He then whisked me away to a reserved booth at Naples where we dined on delicious food and great conversation - and held hands like we were 16!
We wrote our anniversary note and dropped it inside one of the empty wine bottles that line the inside of the booth that couples sign, date and fill with love letters(the whole message in a bottle idea which I think is very romantic).
Afterwards we drove back to the station, and as he walked me back to my office he informed me that we both had the rest of the day off (which he had also arranged ahead of time)and took me anywhere and everywhere I wanted to go... we hit the Farmers Market, went shoe shopping (we both needed a pair), and he even took me out to dinner so I didn't have to cook at all - OMG!!!
I learned that I do indeed have a wonderful husband. Not because of what he spent or bought, but because he actually thought about me - planned things specifically with me in mind - took the time to wonder, ponder, what would she like? What would she enjoy? What would make my wife feel special?
Know what the best thing about all that is? That I was literally in his thought! To pull this off he was THINKING ABOUT ME!
My mind pictures him sitting at his desk at work, pencil in hand, jotting down notes, scanning the Internet for options, asking friends their opinions - THAT is the BEST!!!!!
Isn't that something we all desire? To be in the thoughts of the person who loves us?
now THAT is romance ;o)