Tuesday, August 12, 2008

The Olympics - and Me?

Ok - I am totally into the Olympics... I didn't know if it would actually happen. I mean, I was excited at the thoughts of them. Very excited. But once it was time for them to begin I didn't know if I would really be into it. BUT I AM!!!!!!
Here's what I have realized I love about them.
Of course I want the Americans to do well. And the stories of inspiration are there too! But the thing is they are there with all the countries athletes - including China. And not just the athletes... just people in general.
Like the young six year old boy from China who marched into the opening ceremonies with Chinese legendary basketball player Yao Ming. Because the little boy was a hall monitor at school, he crawled back into the rubble when they had the earthquake and pulled two other kids to safety after freeing himself.
His little head still bore the bare patch where the hair hasn't grown back yet from his injuries.
And the talent is mind boggling. Thats where I am blown away again... the gifts and talents all these people possess and to be so passionate about sharing them!
Imagine what would happen if they all knew the Savior... what a completely unimaginable impact they could make through this years Summer Games! If they had that intimate heart knowledge and could inspire others on THAT level... WOW.
Now, if those of us who know that Savior just realized how talented we all are and shared with others the gifts we have been given? To have the confidence to discover those gifts? Whether it was as an athlete, singer, cook, builder, artist, wordsmith, an encourager, whatever that one thing is. What if we who know what that thing is, and know Him, started doing it completely for His joy and glory?