Monday, August 10, 2009

All I Can Say Is Beautiful!

We serve a beautiful God who could weave a thread across and ocean to bind the lives of an African child to mine... Todd and I just became mom & dad again with the help of Compassion International! Meet my Bernard and his sweet sister Beneditta from Ghana!

Sunday, August 9, 2009


Day 2 continued - Lucy walks home from the Compassion Project long dirt roads. A beautiful girl with a shy smile who passes street after street lined with adults and kids alike in need, looking for hope. She passes a man selling third hand shoes that he found in the dump to earn a living. She keeps her head up though. She passes a building falling in on itself that holds a make shift market stand where a woman sells soup to take care of her family - selling it to those who have nothing to cook soup on... no big silver pot to place over an open flame for them or they would try to eek out a living too.
Lucy walks on, gingerly stepping on stones over the open sewer stream that runs where a street used to be a few years ago. That sewer stream leads to a small lot with a three walled room where she and her family crowd into to sit, and escape the midday sun, and simply be a family.
Did I mention her family consists of Lucy, her dad, her stepsister an brother, her grandmother and great grandmother, who cares for them all while the dad makes $1.50 a day to fish on another mans boat. That is their income - when the fishing is good that is. It not right now. Both previous wives walked away from this family. Did I mention they have to buy undeground water because they have none in the home? Did I also mention that everytime it rains it foods the three walled concrete floor with that sewer waste we so carefully stepped around and over to visit her home? And that they need rain though to grow food? And that they asked us to pray about both????

Did I mention Lucy has hope because each day when she walks home its from the local Compassion Project where she has just been fed, looked after, educated, and loved on by men and women who love Jesus and want to make sure Lucy has every opportunity to know and love Him too?

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