Wednesday, December 24, 2014

The Wonder of My Christmas Journey

I'm finding it overwhelming this Christmas that my journey really began to take shape strangely enough in a familiar food trough.
I believe my life was dreamed of and planned from the beginning of time by my Creator, but what a wonder and mysterious miracle that actually my eternal life was literally birthed within the hands, the feet, the side, and the heart of a baby. THE baby no less. The SAME hands, feet, side, and heart of THE Messiah that were pierced for or transgressions set or own
Hard to comprehend isn't it? Wrapping my mind around the fact that as His mother pushed fluid, blood, and life onto the floor in a place that smelled like sweat and sheep dung. That it was at THAT moment MY journey truly began too?
Mercy: such sweetness of life within filth; such forgiveness in horrific death; bursting forth first onto hay, and then again from a borrowed resting place, into gloriously intertwined lives... Jesus and me, destiny.
Your journey began in that same trough, your life has traversing the same path, intertwined with that same baby, that same Messiah.

From cradle to cross - Merry Christmas friends!