Sunday, May 18, 2014

A thread in time...

Some down time this morning has me reflecting on a thread. A thread that I and some friends all seem to be traveling through life tethered to lately. A thread the weaves itself around and within all our paths circumstances. The kind of "similar" that shouldn't be ignored. The kind that leaves no doubt something very specific is  happening. And obvious "something" that is somehow linking us together in some deeper way we have yet to see or can't begin to know. 
Same lessons to learn? Same lessons to teach? I'm sure that's part of it, but not the full of it.
Maybe the outcomes won't be alike, but the journeys sure are - that much is VERY evident at the moment :) 
I hope I'll get at least a small glimpse of the bigger picture God is surely painting, using each of our "colors" to blend the one tiny area on His canvas we exist on into all the others... after all, the picture isn't complete without our part in it is it?

praying eyes and ears open :)

Joyful on the journey,