Friday, August 1, 2008

What a Week... Whew!

It's already August 1st, my son just turned 22 yesterday, and my daughter turns 21 in 2 days...
Life is moving way fast!
But God is good - so sweet - and so attentive.
My friend Lisa is pregnant and I got to see her today for the first time in a week. She is having a miracle baby. God has created life where doctors said there could be none!
I have a friend Carla whose Dad is dying. Carla's heart is breaking some days. I'm sure there will be times when she doesn't feel her heart is fully alive or ever will be again. But God brings life where there seems to be none.
If we wander through this life without Christ we are not truly alive - but when we know Him, I mean truly know Him, He brings Life, and makes all things new.
What a sweet God and creator of life we have, what a gentle comforter His Holy Spirit is, and what a giver of new life and mercies eternal our Savior Jesus brings... what a miracle we all are!