Thursday, April 24, 2014


"If Jesus backs you into a corner, it's to set you free. He's holding you down long enough to snap that trap you're in." - Beth Moore

ready to hear the sound of the chains breaking... ready to stop wrestling... ready to shake off the bindings... ready to breathe in deep, and finally exhale just as deeply...

Awaiting a breaking - and so ready for it,

Monday, April 21, 2014

Monday Morning Musing...

What did we leave our bed, our car, and our house, believing this morning? That the day was defeated already, or that an adventure just may await us?
If God was thinking of us when He created the world, then He was most assuredly thinking of us before this Monday morning began too!
Having faith that He faces whatever the day brings with us isn't entirely accurate - He also faced it BEFORE it reached us. In its very design.
So instead of straining blindly against the things that try to trip us up, sticking to us and causing us to panic - as if we just walked through spider webs - we need simply to let His love and plan for the day wrap around us like the very air we walk through - clinging to us on all sides, above and below, in front and behind.
We bump into the things the enemy throws up in our path, yes. BUT all within the very day GOD created.
Don't hand over the day to the enemy - walk freely in with the Creator!
Have a victorious week!