Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Girl Meets World

When my kids were younger and they were out in the yard with their 'bug-houses' catching fireflies or when I caught my own fireflies in a mason jar with holes punched out of the lid. The day my Dad married Todd and me. Those magical warm summer evenings when I was a kid as the street lights were first flickering on in Sunnyview Subdivision. Seeing my kids see the ocean for the first time.
I'm feeling a tad nostalgic this morning.
And as I drank my coffee I flipped on the TV and the series finale of 'Boy Meets World' was on. They were using a lot of clips and snippets from the 7 years the series ran on the air to make a point of how much things have changed over that time for the characters. How they had grown.
They of course in the very last scene made their way back to the school classroom where we met them for the first time to say their last goodbye.
The last few weeks I've been having these flashes of memories - more so than usual - of points in time of days gone by. And I found myself this morning sitting and crying into my coffee I watched Cory, Shawn, Eric and Topanga reliving theirs. But it was a good cry, you know?
Not that there weren't extremely bad times I have encountered. There were many. And not that the stressful hurtful times in my adult life haven't ever had me longing to return to a 'simpler place in time' - wishing I could run barefoot again with my dog Socks to the neighbors where a game of kickball would be getting ready to begin, and just play and forget what I dont want to deal with.
But today the memories are confirmations. Confirmations that tell me as things change that more good times are to come - they'll just look different.
I am thankful for such poignant points in the timeline of my life. Good and bad.
Girl must meet world after all - now where did I put that mason jar... :)

Joyful on the Journey