Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Hand Prints of Love

So today on the show we decided to spin the disappointment some were feeling after the election (since there is always a winner and a not-so-much of a winner... I hate the word loser when not in jest) into something positive, so we asked for folks to call in with their stories of when disappointments in their lives turned into something that God used to change their paths for the better.
We heard about a young 17 year old who was raped and found herself pregnant but after deciding to keep the baby found love, is a fantastic mom, and has since found a wonderful Godly man with 2 children to become a family with.
We learned about illness and death that resulted in salvation for others.
One woman shared how after losing a job unexpectedly after 23 years that she began college and now has a masters degree 30 years after finishing high school and has the career she has always dreamed of.
One story shared was that of a 15 year old that after years of her mother being abused, was abused herself, ended up being removed from her home, living with friends, and was finally being taken in by a loving family - she is now a young lady with relationship with Christ, in church, and wanting to help others.
Oh my goodness, and how a life of alcohol and drug abuse following 11 miscarriages now has been molded into a ministry as a youth pastor.
I am continually floored by my God and the ones He creates... how He restores brokenness... how He not only does that, but how He allows us all to look back through that pain and see glory, see His plan in motion, and see His handprints all over our lives.
But that's not even all... through it all we leave our handprints too you know. On those we touch through those experiences. During and after. Are our handprints the shape of our hand or His?
I pray that I'm more like the strong women we heard from today - that I leave handprints through life on the lives of others in the shape of His nail scarred hands and not my self indulgant one... His gentle hands leave the shape of unconditional love, of joy, of faithful obedience. They hold His love and offer it to all He touches... I want to touch the world like that.