Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Wash Your Face and Save a Life!

Did you know simply cleaning your face can actually help a woman escape poverty and oppression? Me either!
I was shopping at Earth Fare recently, and was drawn (as I always am) to the heavenly scented soaps and such. While sniffing around (pun intended) I remembered I needed some chap-stick.

So I wondered over to the familiar Burt's Bees and other names I saw that I recognized, but decided to peruse the other brands before picking up an old favorite. That's when I spotted "lip butter" (the word "butter" always garners my attention) in what looked to be really cool biodegradable packing in delicious flavors like Vanilla Orange, Passion-fruit, and Raspberry. YUM!
The name on the package intrigued me too - Rooted Beauty. So I pulled out my smartphone and went to the web site on the label. I saw that low and behold that not only are their products organic and natural, but also with my purchase of the lip butter I could have a hand in meeting the needs of a woman named Sange escape poverty and learn a new skill/trade to support herself!
Each product is assigned to a specific woman. Some looking to leave an abusive relationship, some single moms needing to support their children, some want to go to school.
I decided this was definitely worth investigating further. I emailed the founder and ask her about how they choose their partners (listed on the web site). Kim Garret told me that they choose organizations to work through that are on the ground in areas where there are no resources available to these women, and who have a exemplary record of also not only meeting physical and emotional needs but their spiritual needs as well - they are all faith based! Some aren't obvious about that on their own web sites due to where they are serving - for safety and for easier access to these women. But it is important to Kim that these partners offer a holistic approach in how they minister. 
Since then I've added another flavor of lip butter, and also now use their Mango facial moisturizer (LOVE it, so silky and a dab goes a LONG way). When I use up all the cleanser I already had spent money on I plan to try theirs as well!
Check out 
Rooted Beauty - skincare products that are made from pure healthy ingredients, but just as important each purchase helps an individual woman's story be rewritten from one of helplessness to one of hope and life change through their Woman2Woman Project  ‪#‎givehope‬ ‪#‎makeadifference‬ ‪#‎shopwithpurpose‬‪ #changealifewithwhatyoubuy

Joyful On the Journey,