Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Memorial Day and a few laughs

Have you ever wondered why sometimes the most random things/people come into your life in a day and that they can bring such a smile to your face? I think it's God's way of insisting that your brain take a short break before it overloads...
Like maybe your in traffic and all of the sudden the person in the car in front of you begins dancing in their seat like they have just become the dice inside the bubble thing in the board game "Trouble" and someone else is pushing the bubble down over and over again?
Or maybe a big hulking sasquatch sized guy walks by you in a powder blue tshirt that says "I'm not too big, you're too small".
Both things happened to me on Monday - Memorial Day - while my husband and I were out and I was thinking too much about work on my day off... God works very creatively sometimes to get our attention... He's cool like that...

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