Thursday, November 19, 2009

Think Again...

Got the list below in an email...
I added a little and tweaked a bit, but Truth is Truth!!
The next time you feel like GOD can't use you, just remember...
Most people we admire in scripture didn’t think they could be used either. We remember that they were great men and women of God, but we forget they were in desperate need of him

Noah was a drunk
Abraham was too old
Isaac was a daydreamer
Jacob was a liar
Joseph was abused
Moses had a stuttering problem
Gideon was afraid
Samson had long hair and was a womanizer
Rahab was a prostitute
Jeremiah and Timothy were told they were too young
David had an affair and was a murderer
Elijah though of talking his own life
Isaiah preached naked
Jonah ran from God
Naomi was a widow
Job went bankrupt
Peter denied Christ
The Disciples fell asleep while praying
Martha worried about everything
The Samaritan woman was divorced, more than once
Zaccheus was too small
Paul was too religious
Timothy had an ulcer
AND Lazarus was dead…
What did they have in common?

Jesus helped, changed, and used them all!
He chooses the weak because in our weakness His strength is revealed
If you feel like everything’s a mess, let Him untangle the knots as you move.
You aren't the message, you are the messenger.
No more excuses – whatever He is calling you to He is equipping you for.
Don’t buy into the lies anymore - Listen only to His Voice of Truth

**Marisa’s twist on an unknown authors thoughts


Anonymous said...

I can relate! I have such a passion for Christ and Women's Ministry. However, I had such a unstable upbringing, domestic violence my sister and I witnessed nearly every other day....then a failed 24 yr marriage...marijuana was more important than me and his own I have a wonderful husband that I know God sent........however I have become addicted to alcohol and can't cope without I am struggling everyday to stay afloat and not mess up. I get inspired and write and come up with topics of study for women and their struggles, then I fall (alcohol) and feel worthless. Is their hope or should I just forget it?????????????????

Anonymous said...

I am so sorry. I shouldn't have posted that comment.....I just was wondering can God use someone like me....when I am balanced, I can get messages I know women need (me included) but I am weak in the area I mentioned (alcohol) when I feel stress coming...that's where I is so can I feel God and not be able to let go of this addiction?
I feel Him wanting to use me........but I always fail