Friday, April 1, 2011

A Life Interrupted

Last night after our women's bible study at church (Priscilla Shires "Jonah: Navigating Life's Interruptions") I was driving home blessed by what God had spoken to my heart, how I saw Him speaking to the hearts of those around me for the past two hours, and also was thinking about today. The anniversary of my Daddy's death after suffering with Alzheimer's for almost 10 years.
THAT was a whole series of interruptions to say the least... from the car wreck, to the diagnosis, to the assisted living centers, to our savings being depleted, to his death, to the aftermath of all that. Many many things that 'threw a wrench' as they say, into my existence. But as the statement resonates in my heart and mind that "Life's interruptions are God's invitation to participate in Divine Interventions that only He can create", I am grateful for them all. Wow, how I grew thru all that, how my faith grew, how my husbands did, how I got to see him in a while new light as he ministered both to me and my Daddy, how I got to see my Daddy bless the ladies taking care of him who either never had a dad or who had lost theirs and saw something in mine that was familiar and comforting, and how I have been able to be there for others who found themselves themselves facing that same dark and scary situation... so may things that became evident divine appointments :)
I do love that my daddy tried my whole life to teach me to love to dance with Jesus... as difficult as it is at times, as many steps as I dont yet know, my Lord is patient enough to both guide me and even let me freestyle sometimes!
Miss you Daddy - now you're dancing with Him face to face... thank you for teaching me to dance too :)

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