Thursday, April 14, 2011

Looking for Joy and other Clues

Joy. Having it, finding it, knowing it, wanting it. It can be so elusive sometimes - we can get so far from it. Life presents many obstacles to it, right? Hurts, anger, complacency, guilt, and even busyness - thats always a favorite tool of the enemy for a lot of things.

I think its no mistake that I picked up the little book 'Joy for a Woman's Soul:Promises to Refresh Your Spirit' with excerpts from the Women of Faith ladies a week ago and have been thumbing through it just a couple days before having lunch with my friend Leslie Vogel. Because one of the things that came up over our quiche, stuffed pears, chicken salad, and raspberry tea at LuLu's Tea Room was joy.

I was in Lifeway Christian Store the other day, just perusing through the gift books, journals and such, and I remember saying in my mind and my heart - "God, I would really like to have something in addition to the bible study I am working through right now that would allow you to say some things I may just need to hear, if not for me then for someone else... something I can keep handy, keep close, and that will be that extra connection"

Then I had lunch with Leslie. Then I got home, picked up that book, and suddenly remembered another conversation from the day before... my friend Pat Wade and I were at her house talking about a lot of things, but they all seemed to lead to the fact that there are so many women right now being tripped up by things that keep them from living the life God desires for them - keeping them from living a life of 'JOY'...

Yep - I think He's speaking, and I think I better be listening :)


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