Monday, November 14, 2011

The Crucible

It has begun.
At 2am this morning my son Rct David Cunningham stepped off with Platoon 1090, "The Nasty 90", on The Crucible, to become food deprived, sleep deprived, and to be put through a battery of mental and physical challenges for 54 straight hours to determine at the end whether or not he becomes a United States Marine.

I can't imagine the unique combination of excitement and nerves he must be feeling. I still can't believe the little pudgy blong headed child I remember with the infectious laugh is the same young man that stood before me on August 29th 2011 at the Knoxville Military Entrance Processing Center pledging to serve and fight for his country, then climbed in a van to leave for 13 grueling weeks of boot camp.

The time has come for the last thing that stands betwen my son and that Eagle Globe and Anchor pin.

I have my porch light on, a candle in the window, and am praying for him to finish strong. Will you join me?

Pray that when he becomes so tired that his muscles shake with exhaustion that he will seek and receive a supernatural strength to go on.
Pray that when he is so hungry his hands tremble and his stomach aches that the Word of God will come to him, steady him, and feed his soul.
Pray that when he is losing focus from lack of sleep that a sharpness of mind will flood in as he thinks about how many brave men and women have gone before him and endured.
Pray that as his feet and back become so soar he feels he can't stand or walk that he will remember his God carries Him and has called and equipped him for this task.
And pray that if feelings of possible defeat creep in that God will bring to David's mind all of us who love him, that he will feel our prayers and thoughts for him, and that he will be renewed and refreshed to reach the end with pride and become A United States Marine.

Thank you for loving me and my family!

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