Thursday, July 26, 2012

Just a quick reminder...

So on my way to church to set up for our ladies movie night tomorrow I went by Starbucks for an iced chai tea latte. When I made it up to the window the nice lady working it told me that she was sorry for my wait. I had just been thinking to myself as I sat waiting my turn for about 4 minutes that I wish they would speed it up a bit - my air conditioner as great as it is just cant keep up when sitting still in the sun right now.
But all I said in return was simply this "thats ok, no worries". She stopped in her tracks, leaned over in the window, looked me in the eye and thanked me for being "the nicest person she's talked to in the drive thru for the last two hours".
WOW. Really? Its not like I profusely poured compliments over her of her ninja like barista moves. But I was the nicest? Really?
She didnt say it with disgust - just bewilderment - and she wondered out loud at what could be going on with everyone today. I said I was sorry she had hadn't had the best last few hours. Told her that maybe it was the heat getting to everyone. And thanked her for working so hard. I invited her to our ladies movie night at church tomorrow.
Lesson learned for me today. What if I had acted like everyone else obviously had? As I drove away I said a little prayer for her that more people would see her sweet smile before they opened their mouth, and actually have a conversation with her .
Take a few moments wherever you are or go to today and just be nice. I bet she was just as nice to all the others as she was to me. Her personality that shone thru tells me that yes, she was. She left a great impression on me, I hope I did in some way for her too.
What bothers me is what impressions I've left in the past - like yesterday... was I nice? Or did I not even see those in my path.
Eyes open. Eyes open.


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