Saturday, July 6, 2013

Happy Birthday America!

As we celebrate our 237th Birthday as a country today I am sooooo grateful for the men and women who gave so much, so long ago to start over here. For those who wanted to start over based on such precious foundational principles, and that longed to see others prosper freely in every way. Its one of the reasons I love going to Washington DC... Yes, there is much that needs to change (as do I in many ...ways) but I love seeing so much evidence on so many buildings, monuments, and in salvaged documents, that there were a group of people who had a desire to see God given principals lived out in a way that honored every person no matter what. I love my country, and I love those who have served and currently serve to keep us and others free as well. 
I still believe there can be good days ahead, that there are good people who only want the best for every man woman and child, and that there are many who truly love one another with a selfless love that can overcome. We are not a perfect country or a perfect people - but there is so much good here.
God thank you for Your abundant blessings, even when we don't live as if they are from you. And thank you for our country and the beauty that is here, in both creation and in mankind - Happy Independence Day America!

Joyful on the Journey

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