Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Silence Really Still Can Be Golden

Before the storm stirred, Jesus went down into the space beneath the stern of the boat to sleep. He didn't take a cat nap on deck. He knew the storm was coming. And it says he slept soundly. 
Knowing the road into Jerusalem would lead to the cross, Jesus still rode that dang donkey straight into the center of town - midst a fanfare of shouting and singing no less. He didn't hide his arrival. He faced it head on. Willingly.
Whether listening intently to our desperate prayers, still orchestrating the perfect answer to our circumstance... or boldly announcing his presence, kicking open that door standing directly in your way out of that circumstance.
Jesus is always there. And for us. From beginning to end. Faithful. 
#trusthimwiththewhole #nevertakesilenceforabandonment #sometimesitjustmeansnotyet #histimingisalwaysbest

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