Saturday, December 25, 2010

Winter Snow

Sitting here on Christmas morning I am a mixed bag of emotions. I am quiet in the moment, realizing how softly (to the world at least), how quietly announced the Christ child's arrival was. Only to a few who watched with eyes and ears and hearts and minds tuned to the cosmos and scriptures understood. The soft coos from the King of Kings lips I am sure soothed the animals back to sleep after His cries as he entered this world shattered the stillness of that night and set them on edge.
But I also feel a churning in my heart with the knowledge of how Heaven and the places in between it and this earth shook with the war of angels and demons to keep Him and His mother safe - and to usher in the deliverance of our Savior! Think of just how closely the evil one must have been watching the events unfold and how frantic he was to stop it!

As I think of the One called Faithful and True, how He will arrive for me one day in His full Glory and Majesty, that He gave up that Glory to become an infant that was inexpressibly Son of God and Son of man in need of food and warmth, as I am... it is beyond my understanding.

But that is, now that I think of it, how I spend most of the days on my journey here - on an exciting swinging pendulum with my God.

I am a back and forth in my thoughts on Him. There are moments of soft murmurs of praise and awe, whispers of love, silent petitions of peace for myself or someone else. Then seemingly within minutes He can reveal Himself in miracles, undeniable grandness, or something rocks me to the core and in the next breathe come my desperate pleas and cries for mercy, movement of mountains, and the question He is big enough to hear and take on Himself - why God????

Moments of quiet sweetness considering the threads He weaves between my life and those around me (and oh my sweet Lord how many go unseen because I am not aware)... slammed up against times of such loud revelations of what He is doing that they demand out loud Hallelujahs from me as He shouts into my life!

I am watching this Christmas snow fall, feeling and hearing the quiet and reverent duet He and I sing to one another. Yet we are also jumping and leaping and dancing with abandonment and joy together, within my heart where He resides this morning!

Merry Christmas Jesus - thank you... its not enough, but Thank You

Dec 25th, 2010

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