Thursday, January 27, 2011

Is there a leak in the the dam?

Remember that scene from National Lampoons Family Vacation when Chevy Chase and his family were taking the tour and he stood there trying to put his bubble gum over the leaks in the Hoover Dam? Ridiculous right? You were watching it like me thinking, OMG - what an idiot!
Have you ever noticed a light on your dash board that says service engine soon and just kept driving? Maybe your heat and air unit made a strange noise every now and then but it was too cold to think about possibly having it off for a few hours to have it checked so you didn't? Your lap top froze a few times and you got that weird blue screen - not the fatal one - the other one that does however warn that something’s not right?
But we drive on, ignore, keep working, the whole time saying to ourselves that we really need to attend to whatever the noise, light, and warning sign has been. Then BOOM! The bottom of whatever it is drops out and there we are, shocked at the chaos, the aggravation, the attention that now must be poured into whatever is not working properly. Yes, even though there have been signs all along that we have ignored we then find ourselves in full blown panic and race around trying to plug up the proverbial hole in the dam even though there has been water leaking out for some time.
What about in our relationships? In our own physical or emotional lives? We see, feel, know that something’s not right and we even think to ourselves, I really need to tend to that - later.
What about that friend you haven’t talked to much in awhile because you had that weird argument? The spouse you find yourself just sort of existing within the house each day but its been going on so long you couldn't even put your finger on when it all started? The child that doesn’t seem to be at family dinners as much, doesn’t seem to be making an effort anymore at school when they always have before?
There are always warning signs. But for some reason we put off the things in life that make us feel uneasy until they become so unbelievably uncomfortable we can't even imagine addressing the issues at all.
Heed the warning signs - they're always there. Just like when the dashboard light comes on, when you first realize the relationship just isn’t what it was, when communication isn’t happening, when you are spending more and more time in uncertainty then stop, take stock, and address the problems before they become loud, smelly, chaotic, uncomfortable and costly holes in the dam.

"You have seen many things, but have paid no attention; your ears are open, but you hear nothing." Isaiah 42:20


Marisa Lykins
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Amy said...

That's powerful Marisa! Such wise counsel. Thank you for sharing your heart!

Marisa Lykins said...

You're very welcome - thanks for reading!