Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Our state of the union - sad, but for a different reason

I'm not gonna get into the direction of Obama's speech - you have your opinions and beliefs and I have my mine, right? But what I do want to note - sadly - is that one way to gage I think the state of our union is unfortunately by the huge amount of Americans out there who could care less about actively participating in it.
They want no part of listening and watching a speech by the appointed and elected leader of our country. A man who is attempting to set the tone and direction for the next 12 months. Many prefer to get info second hand, watch tv shows that are on every week already, talk about frivolous things, and post random comments when people in other countries were listening and watching it all and would die, and do die, to have the chance to participate in what their governments are doing.
I purposefully kept one eye on Twitter and Facebook while I was listening.
So many were either slamming it before it began, not caring enough to know it was even on, or purposely choosing not to listen.
If its because of a certain party they feel the President does or does not represent, then they are choosing not to care based on completely affiliating themselves with a certain group of people - a group of human people. Humans. Where does that normally get any of us?
If its because his personal beliefs don’t align completely with theirs, how could they then not want to be informed first hand about what actions and direction he intends to take on behalf of our country?

I posted this verse earlier for a different reason but in this case I think it bears repeating.

Daniel 2:21-22
He controls the course of world events;

he removes kings and sets up other kings.

He gives wisdom to the wise

and knowledge to the scholars.

He reveals deep and mysterious things

and knows what lies hidden in darkness,

though he is surrounded by light.

Just like with anything else - God doesn't intend for us to sit back and let government and political agendas just happen TO us. Yes, He spins the cosmos, He tells the seasons to change, He doesn’t need us, He is that God.

But that God allows and expects us to actively be IN His story. Every part of His story. And as characters, not bystanders simply reading about it. And in the midst of it all He reveals things He wants us to know, to feel, to understand.

If the government is upon Christ’s shoulders shouldn't we take an interest in it?

If we are to intercede and pray for kings and those in authority because it pleases our Savior, then shouldn’t we do that from an informed basis? These are things His word tells us are true.

Look, its not always exciting or even easy to understand but we also cannot base what we think or believe in this arena any more than we can depend on what someone else says Gods word means if we don’t read it and study it for ourselves. If we actively engage, participate, and pray for wisdom, guidance, and enlightenment it will please Him.

Plus, I cant gripe about what I don’t try to understand or help change.

Just my humble opinion.



Anonymous said...

Thank you for the remind...shame on me for falling into the catagory of one who did not watch. I am fearful for this country but oh so gateful to be in it. Now is the time for me to step up and learn about what I am grateful for. Thank you for stating it plainly for me today.


Marisa Lykins said...

I have to remind myself all the time to stay engaged, to stay motivated to hit my knees and pray for all our leaders, and for my own involvment