Tuesday, January 18, 2011

It's raining...

As the rain falls outside my Holiday Inn Express window, I sit here in my warm room with all the comforts I need, curled up under a warm fuzzy green blanket in a comfy chair. To my left is a refrigerator with my cold coffee drink for later. My bottle of water. I have the option of warm clean water to bathe or shower in. I have already eaten supper. To my right a big soft bed with not just one, but 4 pillows on which to rest my head. I'm under an intact roof.
And I'm thinking about Haiti.
About the children of Compassion International. But not just those children. About the children who desperately wish they were sponsored children of Compassion International. Because they see, they know, what a life saving difference a mere $38 a month makes in their friends lives who have sponsors. What blessed changes come when you're hungry, scared, thirsty, lonely, in need of medical care, emotional care, and to know hope... to get a sponsor means you are fed, clothed, schooled, see a doctor, get glasses, receive counseling and therapy if need be, and needed repairs to a leaky roof your family lives under. It means you are safe, you have hope, and above all this you meet Jesus - the Author of Hope.
I sit here thinking about the 200 children we will try to find sponsors for in the next 2 days at WCQR's onair drive to "Remember Haiti with Compassion". See, I have already looked at their precious faces through this link http://www.wcqr.org/
Those children who may not only be listening to the rain fall tonight, but who may be out in it, still hungry, still lonely, still yearning for what they dont understand but know they need... Hope
But when you are a child of Compassion like Guetchine you have hope, its there waiting when tragedy strikes

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Remember Haiti - don't forget the least of these...



Amy said...

Hi, I just joined your blog and just wanted to leave a comment (a listener who misses love 89). I used to live in johnson city and I went to church with Brian, a DJ you may have met from wcqr :)
I also wanted to comment about Compassion. I felt God tugging at me to sponsor a child in October of last year. I always used to believe that the children would not actually benefit directly from our money, and even if they did they would not get much. However, Compassion is different! I know the child my husband and I sponsor greatly benefits from our money, she begins school in April. Not only that but she is learning about Jesus Christ! In a place like India, that is wonderful! My young girl is Jaidevi, she lives in a poor community in India. I am blessed by her, she writes me letters and draws pictures for me! I hope all went well at wcqr with the Compassion event, and I hope other people learn what a blessing it is to the poor children around the world to know that someone far away is helping them and praying for them!
God bless, really miss you guys in the mornings.

Amy Charpie

Marisa Lykins said...

I love meetying peopel in any manner who love Compassion International and how God do uses it! Thank you for blessing your CI child and for receiving the blessing she is to you and your family!
I really miss spending eachg morning with you on Love89 and so appreciate your faithfulness to us as well :)
Be blessed and continue being a blessing,