Sunday, January 16, 2011

Sometimes a Nap is Just Right

I was thinking about Goldie Locks as we headed home from church today. Not the bears, but Goldie Locks.You know, how she looked for just the right bed? The bed that wasn't too hard, that wasn't too soft? See, I was thinking about a nap.
I was thinking that this weekend had been a busy one. I had dinner, laughs, and great conversation on Friday evening with my husband Todd, along with our pastor and his wife (so good in fact we didn't get home until 1am Saturday morning). Then it was early to rise for me on Saturday morning, off to spend a much needed sweet day of needed down time with the women's ministry leadership team (including a brief time of event planning), and a good meal together. Sunday of course was another early morning as Hubs and I headed to worship and hear the second message in a fantastic series our pastor is walking us through, on who we are as a church, what we believe, and where we are going as a united body of believers. This was followed by a long leisurely lunch with 20 friends.
The problem was, how do I justify a nap? Yes, it was a few really long days... but for such great and fun things! And here I was, actually considering where to have it as I looked out the passenger side window at the sun light glistening on the little patches of snow still dotting the sides of the road. In the bed, on the couch, in Todd's recliner - where would be just right for me today? But there were dishes to wash, clothes to wash, the second bedroom needed to still be completely cleaned out, and a lot more tasks that I needed to finish.
In the first chapter of Genesis, as His creation is revealed, it ends with "on the sixth day He rested", right? But that was after all once He created the earth and all it contained - not after He had hung out a couple of late nights with friends.Then I thought back over those 31 verses in Genesis again. Wait,... as God created the world - the WHOLE world mind you - it actually says that 'He saw what He had made and it was very good'... and it says that way more than once. It doesn't say He broke a sweat, then needed rest. He's God after all. But He did rest.Then it struck me. He was joyfully spending His time getting everything ready for fellowship with us! What He rested from were things that gave Him great pleasure, and I think to also say wow, this is good, this is what I desire.
This weekend was full of great fellowship, great pleasure, and time with friends who love Him - and it was good.
And so I napped. And it was just right :)


Somethings Gotta Give said...

Oh I loved this post. Why is it that just taking a break, or little downtime relaxing, or even a nap makes us feel so guilty. Isn't like the enemy to try and steal or peace when rest is what we need most. So glad you got your nap today......and truly allowed the Lord to give you sweet sleep.

Have a blessed week.

Lots of Love, Kim

Marisa Lykins said...

Indeed He did friend! love you :)

Deb said...

What precious words!! If you should desire....I write a blog entitled Jeremiah 29:11 and would be so honored if you would visit me there sometime!! I know that GOD has great plans in store for you! :)