Monday, June 4, 2012

Invisible Ones

She was walking across the street. Not exactly a feat of extreme efforts. That is unless you are this woman. The woman I gazed intently at through my windshield was staggering about under the influence of whatever she took last night. or this morning, or both. As she crossed towards me, diagonally from my left to my right I slowed (she was really not even aware of the flow of cars around her it seemed). If I didn't slow I was afraid she would walk straight into the side of my car as I passed her. She was dressed in skin right jeans tucked down in ratty boots, a tight shirt hanging way off one shoulder, with no bra on. It didn't cover her stomach either. It was as I slowed to a stop to make sure she was able to cross my side without getting hurt that I noticed the smile on her face. It took my breath. A plastered on smile. A smile of smeared bright red lipstick. Eyes vacant and drooped. But it was the smile that caught my attention the most. A smile as fake as they come.
Not able to be sure of her age, I was looking at a woman who looked to possibly already had received the wrong kind of attention, many times over. Maybe even last night. And quite possibly in her condition may attract the wrong attention once again on her way home or to wherever she was headed.
I began praying for her as she passed. God, this precious daughter of yours is in need. In need of  You. Of the ONE who can be her everything. A Savior who can show her she is beautiful inside. Meet her where she is Father. Help her see her worth in You. 
Where was she headed? Where was she from? What had her life been? What was like now? Did anyone in her life really truly see her? As I thought these questions I looked for her in my rear view mirror, but in a flash she was gone.
I drove on to meet with my friend for breakfast, and had a sweet sweet time with her. But in the back of my mind I couldn't forget the woman with the fake smile.
After breakfast I drove back to that street, hoping to see her again. Just to know she was okay. Maybe to try and talk to her if she was alone.
She was gone.

Before I went home I headed to a retail store to pick up 4 place mats I knew were on sale that I wanted. But as I drove there I was thinking about the woman. She was a young girl once. Hoping for a wonderful life. The stuff fairy tales are made of probably. That's what the world does. Makes you believe in fairy tales that can't come true. Makes you trust in things that aren't reality instead of trusting a Father and Prince of Peace who can truly give you the life you need and can surpass all that's not real or attainable.
I gathered what I came for and went to get in line to pay. It wasn't a busy but there was three people in line in front of me. But there was quite a large pile of clothes on the counter so I leaned against a column to get comfortable for the wait.
It was then I noticed the three people were together. From the little conversation between two of them I gathered it was a grandfather and his two grand kids. One a boy about 11 and a young girl about 14. I didn't get to the line in time to see what may have already been rung up for the boy, but as the girl stood texting on her cell phone I did notice some things. I noticed she hardly looked up. Hardly spoke. I noticed she only stopped with the phone long enough to pull at the edge of her way too short shorts. They were not only too short but about a full size to snug. So any time she moved at all she has to stop and tug again.
I also noticed the new clothes as the clerk picked them up to scan the bar codes on the tags. Really short summer skirts, some sleeveless see-through tops, a low cut top, more short shorts. My heart was sinking more with each item that I saw move by the clerk to be placed in a bag.
The grandfather was paying. I don't know if he realized what he was purchasing. Was he appeasing her and trying to connect by buying her things? Or was he only one more distant man in her life that would rather buy things than spend time with her - paying little attention to both the clothes and her? I don't know. It could be either or something completely different. Either way, how horrible that this man was actually purchasing things that would also draw the wrong kind of attention to his own grand daughter. 
I began praying for this young girl in line in front of me, this young woman wanna-be that was tugging at her shorts. God, this precious daughter of yours is in need. In need of  You. Of the ONE who can be her everything. A Savior who can show her she is beautiful inside. Meet her where she is Father. Help her see her worth in You. 
What had shaped her already to think that showing herself this way would be the thing to do? What about her friends? Her family? Did they see her? Really see her?
My heart sank as I thought of what her self worth may be now, and what it could be in the future with the world telling her this is the way that a 14 year old girl should dress.

I have seen two very different ladies today- different in their location, in their age, in their experiences maybe.
But very similar as well. Same provocative dress. Same want of attention. Same disregard to just how bad that attention could get.
The same need of achieving a self worth that can only come from one place - from an understanding that a Heavenly Father and His Son Jesus gave up everything for them and that He sees them as worthy, valuable, precious, lovable, and cherished treasures that He designed and created for so much more than they are now or have now!
My heart cried out to them... Oh sweet dears! How much you are loved, how lovely you are - just as you are - without clingy revealing clothes, without so much make up, without having to showcase your bodies. There is ONE who wants desperately to spend time with you, to love you, to bless you, to be your constant and your portion - your FULL portion!
I was hoping the grandfather and grand son would walk ahead somehow, and there would be a moment I could speak to her and tell her this looking into her eyes without freaking her grandfather out. But just then her phone rang and answered it walking out ahead of the transaction being fully completed.
I asked the lady ringing me up to please hurry that I wanted to talk to the young lady that had just left. She did work quickly and I ran outside.
She was gone.

An invisible woman and invisible girl - to some - but not to you "El Roi - the God who sees me"! (Genesis 16:13) 

Father I pray that both of these precious creatures begin being somehow surrounded by people in their lives that begin filling them with the right words of affirmation. That someone builds them up in the right way. That someone earns the right to be heard, and shows them the rescuing love of your Son Jesus, and that they learn just how beautiful they really are. If they know you but have lost their way I pray you continue pursuing them relentlessly!
May we affirm the women and young girls we know and come across - help us to show them their worth in you and see them the way you do... created as your masterpiece, the apple of your eye, known and seen before they were born buy your Loving Heart, priceless, and fully loved!
And Father show us those who need you, keep our hearts broken for what breaks yours, show us whom you love and want to redeem, and teach us how to love them as you intend us to!


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